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    You deserve a website and brand 

    you feel confidently represents you and showcases your true expertise

    No more playing small online, it’s time for the visual identity you’ve been craving.

    I’m Erin and I help female entrepreneurs who are ready for an elevated online presence that matches their expertise through brand strategy + design.

    Ready to take your industry by storm while you are showing up more confidently? 

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    You deserve to show off a brand that you’re proud of 

    & that aligns with your skills

    It’s no secret that you fully embody the CEO mindset. You run and operate your business with the idea that nothing can stop you from accomplishing your big goals, and I am here for that! 

    You understand the necessity of a strategist and designer, but you’ve been DIY-ing your brand for far too long and know that the uplevel you need can’t be found because you’re doing something that isn’t in your zone of genius…

    Your brand presence needs to reflect your expertise while still showcasing your personality.

    That’s where I come in!

    Every design and strategy is custom-built with you in mind which means no more copying blind strategies other’s have been successful with—you’re getting your own proven blueprint.

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    The complete brand strategy and web design experience. We’ll uncover the ins and outs of your entire business to take your business to the next level.

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    It’s time to own your brand with confidence

    Here’s how we’ll do it:

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    Meet Daijia

    Owner of Playful Adventures

    “Our site is very marketable and user friendly, our sales has undeniably increased roughly 60%.”

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    Hey, I'm Erin!

    Founder, CEO, and lead designHER of The Design Construct creative studio

    I’m a brand strategist and designer for women who are tired of not looking like the experts they are online.

    I construct unique identities for women entrepreneurs that they’re proud to show off and share. Everything I do here is planned with the intention of creating a sellable experience both online and in person.

    You’ve become used to a website you’re not-so-proud-of and it’s time for that to change.

    That’s where The Design Construct comes in. 

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